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big glue for Santa beard - 50 ml
big glue for Santa beard - 50 ml

Product Code: KLE3

Special MASTIX glue for beards is a solution for professionals – and using it guarantees that your beard won’t be pulled away by an over-curious young child, thereby making sure Santa remains unrecognised. Our large 50 ml bottle holds enough for around 75 uses, and therefore will prove useful for those who treat being Father Christmas as a vocation. Is keeping the beard in place with just the elastic not enough? MASTIX glue is an excellent addition, and when you need to remove the beard you only have to wash it off with water or a special glue remover. The product does not irritate the skin.

Glue sizes available:
2 ml – enough for 2-3 uses
12 ml – sufficient for about 18 uses
50 ml – sufficient for about 75 uses.

The producer’s guarantee is 3 years; in practice, its shelf life is much longer.

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