Privacy policy

  1. We inform that the administrator of the personal data of The Shop’s customers and those who signed up for the electronic newsletter is the person given in point 1 of Terms and Conditions. The file of the data mentioned above is registered with the General Inspector of Personal Data Protection in Poland under number 129045.
  2. The personal data of customers is processed with the single purpose of executing orders placed by the customers and for the carrying out of periodical customer satisfaction surveys, the findings of which will be examined with no connection to personal data (anonymization) and in a form making access to answers given by individual persons impossible (aggregation), in keeping with the ICC/ESOMAR International Code on Market and Social Research.
  3. The provision of data is voluntary, but essential for the processing of orders.
  4. A person whose data is held has the right of access to their own data and to amend it.
  5. Advertising may only be sent by e-mail to those customers who expressed their agreement for such during the registration process, and to those who signed up for subscription to the electronic newsletter. A person who agreed for the receipt of marketing information or the newsletter may withdraw thier agreement at any time, either in writing or via e-mail.
  6. The personal data processed by The Shop will not be made available to other bodies unless essential for the purposes specified in points 2 and 5. As such it is acceptable for the personal data to be provided to such parties as: companies dispatching for The Shop, doing The Shop’s accounting, handling payments for The Shop, providing systems for conducting online surveys or market research or for e-mail marketing campaigns (only in the case of customers who agreed to the activities listed in point 5) or communication by mobile text (if this is advertising, it may only be sent to those who expressed their agreement for the activities mentioned in point 5). In each of these cases the data will be made available on a one-off basis and will only be for the execution of services commissioned by the Shop, while the party given the data will not have the right to use this data for other purposes.
  7. We inform that the web site of The Shop saves cookie files on the end device on which the said web site is displayed. These files are saved in the user’s device and are read by The Shop’s web site during subsequent visit. The purpose of this is to obtain reliable statistics regarding traffic on the site and to save the user’s sessions and settings. The user is able to define the conditions for the storage of cookie files and the web site’s access to them via the user’s browser settings or can remove these files if allowed by the web browser.
  8. In the case of customers paying via PayPal or with credit card via the gateway provided by Elavon, payment data such as credit card details and bank account number given during the payment stage is sent directly to PayPal or Elavon or its technology partner, depending on the form of payment chosen by the customer, and is protected by the payment handler. The Shop does not receive the data listed above, which guarantees transaction security for the buyer.
  9. The registration, login, basket and your account pages are protected with encrypted communication (the SSL protocol).