Will you give me a special discount?
We only give discounts on orders exceeding a specific value. The discount thresholds are given here.



How is it that certain models of the Santa suits comprising a jacket and trousers are suitable for people of different heights?
There are no established rules or customs regarding where Santa’s jacket should reach. A Santa whose jacket starts just above the knees will look just as good in the suit as a Santa whose jacket starts much higher up.
As for the trousers, short Santas can pull them slightly higher up, while tall Santas can wear them somewhat lower. The trousers are fitted with strong elastic that will keep them at the chosen height.  In the case of the tallest wearers we recommend buying boot covers that are worn over the trousers; then it does not matter where the trouser legs finish.
The clothes also fit people of various girths. For a start, we assume that Santa appears his best with a belly, and if he lacks one of his own, he should wear an artificial belly – and as a result Santas differing in their natural waist sizes will ultimately have similar belly dimensions. Secondly, fleece is a very elastic material, and such a costume will not feel too tight for anybody.



I need a delivery sooner than suggested by your shop. Is it possible?
In many cases it is, but it depends on the specific day. Please contact us to find out whether it is possible to get the good to you by the time you need them.