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Santa beard (11"/28 cm)

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curly Santa beard (11.5"/28 cm)
curly Santa beard (11.5"/28 cm)

Product Code: BRO6

Father Christmas without a long white or grey beard totally lacks in credibility. If you want to play your difficult role well, you really have to get hold of a generous beard (unless you happen to have your own that suits the part). Santa’s beard is made of shining white hair, and hangs in gentle waves – giving a particularly nice impression. It is 11" (28 cm) long, and is held in place with an elastic strap that goes behind the wearer’s head.

Children wanting to play at Santa Claus can also use this beard – all you need to do is shorten the strap so that it fits the child’s head).
This beard, the cheapest of those available in our shop, does not come with a wig.

NB: this product does not include items shown in the photo other than the beard itself.

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