Dignified beard and wig set (19.5"/50 cm)

very long white Santa beard with wig
very long white Santa beard with wig

Product Code: S0785

Too young for Father Christmas? Would you like to quickly transform into a dignified, elderly gentleman? This set will help you for sure! It comprises a beard, wig, eyebrows and a moustache.

The beard and the wig are very thick, and their hair is arranged in elegant curls. The wig’s hair reaches about halfway down the wearer’s back, while the beard is approximately 19.5" (50 cm) long. The bushy eyebrows and thick moustache complete the picture, and with them on there’s no chance of Santa being recognised. The entire set is silver and light grey in colour.

NB: this product does not include items shown in the photo other than the beard, wig, the eyebrows and the moustache.