Smart Santa's beard and wig (14"/35 cm)

classic white Santa beard with wig
classic white Santa beard with wig

Product Code: 30200.10

Santa’s costume is now ready, the elves are filling the sacks with presents – and all that’s missing is the right beard and wig! If you haven’t managed over a full year (or even a few years) to grow a suitably Santa-like beard, then you can always make do with an artificial one at the last moment. But that’s nothing to worry about, as we offer a truly beautiful, snow-white beard that’s 14" (35 cm) long, in a set with a thick matching wig. The beard comes with a moustache and sideburns, thereby making the whole set look very natural. The hair in the beard is arranged in curls, while the wig’s hair lies in gentle waves. With such hair, Santa Claus has no need to worry about his cover being blown. But if there are any doubts about the beard staying properly in place, it might be worth investing in special MASTIX glue for beards, thanks to which the beard will hold fast almost as if it were real. The wig fits itself very nicely to the wearer’s head, and is good at covering the owner’s own hair and the elastic straps from the beard. As a whole, the set of beard and wig and moustache really does provide a very good effect.

NB: this product does not include items shown in the photos other than the beard and wig.